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“Because this business of becoming conscious, of being a writer, is ultimately about asking yourself, How alive am I willing to be?"

Anne Lamott

leave it to eve

Leave it to Eve to exaggerate matters;

Better yet, consider her a miracle maker.

For only Eve could create Atlantic from a salt shaker

Or form a betrothal from mere Platonic chatters.


Leave it to Eve to fall in love with timetrap

For she never could bear to exist in the present --

Living forever in yesterday's lament

Or skipping "hello" to "I do." (Oh poor chap!)


Leave it to Eve to be blinded by thoughts of love

And let one smile deceive her heart to soar.

She's left to see it shatter on the floor,

But that smile is the one thing she could think of.


Leave it to Eve to forget common sense

And say to a stranger, "I don't know you,

But you look kind of cute. So you'll just have to do."

Then, too late, she sees they can't even be friends.


Leave it to Eve to demand perfection

From all of creation except for Eve.

I'm afraid, dear girl, you are too naive,

And you're pushing your heart to dejection.


Leave it to Eve to rage in silence;

She expects Adam to be Merlin, and perceive,

Magically, that he has caused her to grieve.

But he's merely Adam, and for that she takes offense.


Leave it to Eve to mourn Adam's leave

(I really don't blame the man for escaping).

She complains he's creation's most obtuse thing,

But there's none as ridiculous as beautiful Eve.


Tirza Magdiel - Seattle, April 2008